Theme IV Edition| Woman, a quest

La Quercia di Siloe

La Quercia di Siloe

The SILOE FILM FESTIVAL (SiloeFF – has been created and organized by Siloam Monastic Community, Poggi del Sasso, Grosseto (Italy) with its San Benedetto Cultural Centre, a non profit organization based at the Siloe Monastery, in collaboration with “Fondazione Comunicazione e Cultura” and “Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo”.

Art director has been Fabio Sonzogni since its first edition.

The Festival’s IV Edition will take place on the 20, 21 and 22 July 2017 at the Siloe Monastery, Strada San Benedetto 1, Poggi del Sasso, Grosseto (Italy).

Theme | Woman, a quest.
The works that we would like to be sent to the selection must deal with one or more issues related to that human part denoted as feminine. We intend to discuss about the status of the woman, her role in our time where gender differentiation is increasingly blurred, where the encounter with other cultures and religions generates conflicts, where the woman can have a child with a 80 dollar kit sent by mail, where we can rent a womb, where we meet other people on a social, where you can have the meeting there, where soon science will allow us to generate without the need of the opposite sex, where emotions win on feelings, where the “why not” wins on expectations and projects. Our time has experienced the women’s emancipation struggle and every day has to protect and verify the goals achieved. What happens to the woman today?

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